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      Thu, Nov 26, 2015 | Last Updated 9:27 pm IST


      Thanu Nenu Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      Thanu Nenu Review | LIVE UPDATES | Thanu Nenu Rating | Thanu Nenu Movie Review | Thanu Nenu Movie Rating | Tanu Nenu Review | Thanu Nenu Telugu Movie Review | Thanu Nenu Movie Story, Cast & Crew on apherald.com

      Tamasha Movie Review, Rating

      Tamasha Review | LIVE UPDATES | Tamasha Rating | Tamasha Movie Review | Tamasha Movie Rating | Tamasha Hindi Movie Review | Ranbir Kapoor Tamasha Review | Tamasha Movie Story, Cast & Crew on apherald.com

      Sardar to bulldoze Brahmostavam?

      No one can compete with Power Star Pawan Kalyan or beat him in the domestic market. One brand him as super star in domestic market. Prince Mahesh Babu is the king of overseas as even his flop films minted million dollars. But this was not the case with Pawan Kalyan.

      Hansika's nightmare with rains

      On 23rd night there has been even more incessant downpour. The tight traffic was just maddening. The entire city was jam packed in the traffic and it was like the vehicles are in 'Pause' mode. The vehicles moved even worse than snail pace.

      Top 4 Highest Paid models

      Miranda is beauty with brains. She is the numero uno model who is known for her cute dimple smile and sexy figure. She is one of the finest Victoria’s Secret models. She is endorsing brands like Kora Organic, H&M, Reebok, Swarovski, Shopstyle, and Mango



      Cartoon of the day

      france indo talks