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      Wed, Jun 1, 2016 | Last Updated 1:15 am IST


      INSIDE STORY: Young Hero irritated with Mega Bhajana

      Young Hero Naga Shourya is one young lad who made a mark on audience in a very short time. The actor however is feeling insecured and irritated with his next film, Oka Manasu. He is romancing Nagababu's daughter, Niharika Konidela in the film. She is making her filmy debut with this movie.

      Sunny Leone and other Bollywood divas with perfect bikini body.

      Sunny Leone.She was the most searched celebrity on Google for consecutive three years and she has attracted everyone by her bikini costume. Anushka Sharma This great actress has acted in many scenes in bikini and due to her perfect body she was liked in the costume very much.

      INSIDE STORY: Prabhas a problem for Anushka's marriage.

      Anushka's marriage is one of the top talked about or speculated event in Tollywood. Recent it was said that the actress promised her parents t get married after the shooting of Baahubali-2. However she now revised her decision and will be doing that only after the completion of Bhagmathi. It is said that Anushka was not very excited to do this film as she was doing many heavy subjects in the recent times.

      Director in search of a hero!!!

      After that he has left Kollywood and has moved to Bollywood seeking for an opportunity and there he wasn’t considered and he was given a post called script writer. He has become vexed and so he has returned back to Kollywood.

      HOT REPORT :: Desi Bond Girls - SEXY PHOTO FEATURE

      It is dream of every glamorous actress of being a BOND GIRL some day. It is all about sporting a bikini, guns blazing and being a seductress. A femme fatale gets all supremacy being a Bond Girl. They get the ultimate sophistication of glamour world. Every time, a Bond movie gets released, the Bond Girl gets noticed.



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      5/31/2016 2:26:57 AM
      path holls