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by: CM [Common Man] | November 17 2012 19:56 [IST]
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Emperor Akbar asked Birbal, “Birbal, are the people of my Kingdom honest?”  “No your Majesty! Every person is dishonest in some way.  Only few people are honest but they are two few to count. So we have to say that the majority is dishonest,” replied Birbal.  Akbar was astonished by the answer but he found it hard to believe that people of his Kingdom were dishonest towards him. He asked Birbal to prove his point. Next day, Birbal made an announcement on behalf of the King that a pot of milk each was required from people for public meals.  People can put their contribution in the huge tank that kept outside palace gate.  Every person thought that when so many pots of milk are there why not put a pot of water which would hardly be detected. What difference will it make? So, only a couple of people put milk in the big tank. Next morning when Akbar and Birbal saw the tank, it was filled with water. It proved that only a handful people had put milk and the remaining had put water. Akbar looked at Birbal and smiled.   

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