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      Mon, Nov 30, 2015 | Last Updated 4:51 am IST

      EXCLUSIVE: NTR becomes Choreographer

      EXCLUSIVE: NTR becomes Choreographer
      Junior NTR is a talented actor with out any doubts. He is also one of the best dancers available in Tollywood today. And now Tarak is all set to take his dances to the next level. It is said that there is a solo song on him in his upcoming film, Rabhasa and it is said that NTR had decided not to have a choreographer for the song and choreographed the song by himself.  It is said that Junior choreographed the song just like an expert and it came off very well. The movie unit tells us that the entire team was clapping and cheering NTR as he composed the dance movements and performed the on the sets. Our trusted source in the unit tells that the song will be feast for fans after the movie release. Rabhasa is currently in the last phase of its completion. The movie is finished except for few days of talkie part and one song. The makers are targeting to complete every thing in this month itseld and enter post production from the second week of July. The audio release event of the movie is set for July 20th and the movie is being planned for August release.  Rabhasa is the 23rd movie in NTR's career. The actor's last film Ramayya Vasthavayya is a big flop and the actor had pinned high hopes on this movie to stage a comeback. This is Santosh Srinivas' second film. His debut movie, Kandireega is the biggest hit in Ram's career then. Samantha and Praneetha are the heroines. Thaman is composing music for NTR once again after Brindavanam, Baadshah and Ramayya Vasthavayya 
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      About the author

      Surya Teja is an artist of words, colors and likes to brew & spread happiness with his creations. His stories has been published in "Chicken Soup for Indian Souls" series and his paintings have been exhibited in local exhibitions. He has penchant for truth and his writing reflects an underlying current of honesty and passion about the wonders of the world.