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      Fri, May 27, 2016 | Last Updated 3:41 pm IST

      Sarocharu Movie Review, Rating - A Ravi Teja's Film

      Sarocharu Movie Review, Rating - A Ravi Teja's Film

      Sarocharu:    Tweet Review      ||     తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ   ||   తెలుగు  ఫుల్  రివ్యూ

      What Is Good: Kajal’s performance, music, Ravi Teja's natural acting, few funny quick one liners What Is Bad: Direction, Screenplay, Unimpressive implementation of an interesting story, Richa Gangopadhyay acting. Boring Scenes: Love track between Ravi Teja and Richa, Kajal’s desperate efforts to make Ravi Teja fall in love with her, maximum portion of second half. Watch It Or Not ?: Not a regular Ravi Teja's masala entertainer but if you are fan of Kajal watch it once for her.

      Sarocharu Review : Story

      Sandhya(Kajal) falls in love with Karthik(Ravi Teja) at first sight. She expresses her love to him on their way back journey to India. Karthik decently declines her proposal, revealing some facts about his past and his relationship with Vasudha(Richa). What is the past life of Karthik and his relationship with Vasudha, did Karthik fall in love with Sandhya(Kajal), what is the suspense of this triangular love story should be seen on the silver screen.

      Sarocharu Review : Star Performances

      Kajal stands as big asset to this flick. Till date it’s the most natural and ultimate performance given by her. In a single statement, she is the hero of this movie and successfully overshadowed Ravi Teja. She look little fluppy on screen in few scenes, but at the end of the day you will remember her way to much while leaving the hall. Ravi Teja has totally done a different role in this movie. You will definitely sense that you are missing Regular Ravi Teja in this movie. But he made his presence felt with couple of fights and some good dance moves. Few comedy scenes from him will giggle you, but in parts. Richa’s role is short, her face could not give any expression in important scenes of this movie. Even though she was given two songs, couple of key scenes, she still stands as one of the negative aspect of this movie. Nara Rohit guest appearance did not help much to this movie. His poetry scenes, his dialogues at pre-climax are good.

      Sarocharu Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      Parasuram’s direction will surely disappoints everyone who liked his work in his earlier film “Solo”. Even with an interesting story he had failed to come up a crispy screenplay to hold the plot of the movie. There are few good funny quick liners which will bring little laugh from the audience. Music given by DSP is only plus point in this movie. You will enjoy all the songs on screen and even the background score is decent enough. Cinematography by Vijay K Chakravarthy is neat,songs and scenes in Europe locales are beautifully captured. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao will also make you get disturbed to large extent. The production values were also up to the standards of big hero like Ravi Teja.

      Sarocharu Review : Analysis

      As given a clean ‘U’ certificate from the censor board, this flick is one which can be watched with your family. But its a big doubt whether family's stick to their seat for a run time of more then 150 minutes with dragging narration especially when second half starts and forward towards climax.  There are couple of interesting twists in the movie, which will surprise you for few minutes. But a regular movie buff can sense those twists quiet upfront. First half of the film is entertaining with good performance from Kajal, even the songs will make you feel that there is some good content coming ahead. But the second half will fall short of your expectation and takes you to peeks of boredom. The only saviour in the second half are the songs and makes you feel when will the end tittle cards get displayed. Directors miscalculation of highlighting Kajal’s role by giving more priority to her than Ravi Teja has completed backfired. It’s not that Kajal did not carry entire film on her shoulder now but Ravi Teja could have done this job more effectively then her. Directors presentation of what problems will develop between a wife and husband post marriage looks very realistic .

      Sarocharu Review : Conclusion

      Pros :
      • Kajal Performance

      • Music

      • Ravi Teja few funny quick one liners
      Cons :
      • Direction

      • Screenplay

      • Unimpressive Implementation of an interesting story

      • Richa Gangopadhyay acting
      Bottom - Line :Ravi teja sank his ship yet again with Kajal over shadowing him in this film. Justification for "Manchi Prema Katha Tho" is incomplete with multiple errors. 

      Sarocharu Review: Cast & Crew

      Sarocharu Movie Review, Rating | Sarocharu Review | Sarocharu Rating | Ravi Teja's Sarocharu Telugu Movie Cast & Crew, Music, Performances te Sarocharu Review;Sarocharu Rating;Sarocharu Movie Review;Sarocharu Movie Rating;Ravi Teja Sarocharu Movie Review, Rating;Telugu;Review;Rating;Ravi Teja;Kajal Agarwal;Richa Gangopadhyay;Telugu Latest Movies; true APHerald APHerald http://www.apherald.com/ImageStore/images/Movies/Movies_Reviews/Sarocharu-Movie-Review-300x300.jpg http://www.youtube.com/embed/S7p0UYSXrIY
      Raja can be reached at: Cherukuri.Rajanaidu@apherald.com
      Editor can be reached at: editor@apherald.com

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