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      Sat, Jul 23, 2016 | Last Updated 10:23 pm IST

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      Yamudiki Mogudu Movie - Tweet Review, Rating

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      Yamudiki Mogudu: English Full Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      11:05 AM: Hi Tweet Lovers here starts tweets on "Yamudiki Mogudu" 
      11:10 AM: Film starts with "Naresh" parents Watching Yamagola film of "NTR"
      11:15 AM: "Chalapathi Rao" as "Lord Bhramha" and senior hero 'Naresh' as Lord Naratha are entertaining with there jokes  
      11:20 AM: "Allari Naresh" intro is given with style of "Mahesh" 'Pokiri'  
      11:24 AM: Heroine "Richa" entry is super,she is very beautiful on screen 
      11:28 AM: Because of unknown power that 'Naresh', Yama dharmaraju daughter 'Yamja'(Richa)  
      11:32 AM: First song comes up "Narothama" 'Richa' looking good and even track is nice to hear
      11:40 AM: "Naresh" funny one line dialogues are good, he has taken "Richa" to his home   
      11:45 AM: "Yamja" Speaking in Gods slang like 'Manava' is nice to listen 
      11:50 AM: "Tanikella Bharani" is shown as powerful vilan 
      11:55 AM: "Sayaji Shinde" as 'Lord Yama' and "Krishna Bhagvan" as 'Chitraguptha' are good    
      12:00 PM: Master "Bharath" as Yama's son "Yamaganda" entry is funny and he comes to 'Bhoolokam' for his sister
      12:04 PM: 'Naresh' starts falling in love with 'Yamaja' 
      12:15 PM: Second song "Pistolu Pilladanivo" comes up 'Naresh' showing his dance potential he has and 'Richa' is looking hot with her skin show 
      12:25 PM: "Naresh" gets shocked when he finally gets to know, that he really got married with Yama's Daughter  
      12:30 PM: Interval block comes in when 'Yama' comes to get her daughter back to 'Yamalokam'  lets see how the story moves forward
      12:40 PM: Second half starts with 'Yama' and his Daughter 'Yamja' Discussion  
      12:45 PM: 'Naresh' fly's to 'Yamalokam' by holding tail of Yama's buffalo   
      12:50 PM: 'Naresh' continues dialogues challenging 'Yama' is good
      12:53 PM: 'Ramyakrishna' entry as Yama's wife is good,she is looking beautiful onscreen  
      12:56 PM: Senior 'Naresh' in Naradha role brings laughs in hall   
      01:00 PM: "Naresh" try's to trap 'Yama' is super 
      01:04 PM: "Orori Magadheera" song comes, graphical work in the song is nice and chemistry between the leads is good
      01:10 PM: Cricket match in 'Yamalokam' between 'Master Bharath' and 'Raghu Babu' is hilarious     
      01:15 PM: "Atto Attamma Koothuro" comes up, whistles in hall, 'Ramya krishna' dominated 'Richa' with her dance and expressions in the song 
      01:20 PM: 'Naresh' getup as 'Yama' looks alright on screen
      01:30 PM: 'Yama' creates some typical situations which forces 'Naresh' to go back to 'Bhoolokam'  
      01:40 PM: Director trying to put some family sentiments in the film 
      01:50 PM: 'Naresh' trying to imitate ''Raj Kapoor" joker getup in the song "Jhanak Jhanak", very decent effort from 'Naresh'  
      01:55 PM: Films ends with 'Yama' realizing true love of 'Naresh' and 'Yamaja' 
      Thanks to all our tweet friends  

      Yamudiki Mogudu Review : Cast & Crew

      Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review, Rating | Yamudiki Mogudu Review | Yamudiki Mogudu Rating | Allari Naresh Yamudiki Mogudu Telugu Movie Cast & Crew, Music, Performances te Allari Naresh Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review, Rating;Yamudiki Mogudu Review;Yamudiki Mogudu Rating;Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Review;Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Rating;Telugu;Review;Rating;Allari Naresh;Richa Panai;Ramya Krishna;Telugu Latest Movies; true APHerald APHerald http://www.apherald.com/ImageStore/images/Movies/Movies_Reviews/Yamudiki-Mogudu-Movie-Review-300x300.jpg http://www.youtube.com/embed/L3RzcWTkhnU

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