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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 9:21 pm IST

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      SVSC Tweet Review, Rating

      SVSC Tweet Review, Rating
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      SVSC: తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || English Full Review || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      10:15 AM Welcome to APHerald Live Tweet Readers, here started live tweets on "SVSC"
      10:20 AM 2013, Sankranthi festival special SVSC started with Rao Ramesh warning on smoking. 
      10:22 AM Srikanth Addala message voice over about human relationships in society is neat.
      10:24 AM "Prakash" into reminds you of class home atmosphere of village folks
      10:30 pm "Seetha" [Anjali] own dubbing and attire is gold 
      10:34 pm "Venky" and "Mahesh" intro in same frame with "Yemchedam" song    
      10:38 pm "Prince Mahesh" slim look with common attire is neat.  
      10:40 pm "Kota Srinivas" natural acting on the screen 
      10:43 pm: "Nenu eelane untaanu, naalaane untaanu" dialogue from "Venky"  
      10:47 pm: "Venky" and "Mahesh" "Era Era" discussion are natural and reminds your family conversation 
      10:48 pm: "Srikanth" slowly introducing all the characters, which sounded okay 
      10:50 pm: "Bathakadaniki bharatha desam kante goppa desam ledu" Kondala rao 
      10:52 pm: Pure "Godavari" slang throughout the film  
      10:53 pm: Mahesh Babu Dialogue "Barath Sthrilu... Jadalesukovadam marchipoyare" Funny Line
      10:54 pm: "Samatha" intro is normal, but she is looking neat 
      10:57 pm: "Araduguluntada" song from "Samantha" with her girl batch, with nice Indian costumes, this song reminds you of "Trisha" song from "Attadu"   
      10:59 pm:  Discussion between "Rao Ramesh", "Rama prabha" and "Tanikella Bharani" reminds your family get together. 
      10:59 pm: So far film is going like an art movie   
      11:01 pm: Richness on screen in terms of a marriage function  
      11:04 pm: Intro between "Mahesh" and "Samantha" is good, you wouldn't expect this kind of intro between lead, background score here is great
      11:09 pm: "Inkoka aidhu nimishalu maatladithe ekkada mudhu petesthundho telidhu" dialogue from "mahesh" brought many laughs in theater
      11:12 pm: "Asale Piriki Jana, Piriki lokam, Kaasta dhairyaniko dammu" - Dialogue from Mahesh was kewl  
      11:14 pm: "Samantha" and "Mahesh" chemistry looked amazing
      11:16 pm: Nice Dialogue - "Itlanti Figure ni choosi tattukovalante... 100 Bagvadth Geethalu chadavaali"
      11:18 pm: First scene of "Mahesh" and "Venky" Looked very natural on screen and their casual scene with "Baamma" is nice
      11:20 pm: Conversaions Between "Mahesh" and "Venu Madhav" [Omkar censor officer] are funny but looks like this might start first controversial in the film    
      11:22 pm: "Rao Ramesh" action is mapping to his dad "Rao Gopal rao", specially his accent is good   
      11:23 pm: "Venky" clash with police looked natural
      11:24 pm: "Oka chinna abaddam cheppochu kade... jeevithaanni laminate chesi nee chethilo pedthane" - Dialogue is nice
      11:25 pm: Comedy between "Mahesh" and "Ravi Babu" is funny   
      11:27 pm: Hot hot discussion between "Mahesh" and "Venky" here "Mahesh" looks impressive with naughtiness  
      11:28 pm: Brother sentiment folks, Between "Mahesh" and "Venky" 
      11:31 pm: "Ee Jaanalentra baabu, Evarintlo vallu kurchokunta...  pollo mani vachesttaru" Good dialogue folks
      11:33 pm: Pelli choopulu scene is natural and reminds midddle class marriage looks neat
      11:35 pm: "Murali Mohan" enter's as local MLA and his discussion with "Prakash Raj" is memorable    
      11:37 pm: Much awaited song "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu" came in, good work by cinematographer he captured the song beautifully 
      11:39 pm: From pelli choopulu till marriage are shot great, which will surely makes you reminds all your marriage arrangements 
      11:41 pm: One more funny quick linear from "Mahesh" "Hyderabad lo ekkada? Ekkada padithe akkada"
      11:43 pm: "Venky" is taking care of performance at other end "Mahesh" is feeling comedy and romance quotient in the film folks
      11:45 pm: "Venky" looked amazing as angry man and his acting struggling for career is nice
      11:47 pm: Bava Maraddala scene between "Venky" and "Anjali" are nice       
      11:48 pm: Interval scene come in with a serious scene  
      11:51 pm: First half has natural story and executed realistically so far, no thunders, no storm so far, but yes there is good feel in the film  
      11:52 pm: Cinematography of "KV Gunam" is brilliant, he canned the leads pairs and every frame looked natural   
      11:53 pm: Second half started  
      11:56 pm: "Mahesh" dialogue and his expressions while talking to "Samantha" are treat to watch onscreen
      11:58 pm: "Inka cheppaale" song between "Mahesh" and "Samantha" is on now  
      12:02 am: Short talk between "Mahesh" and "Venky" on terrace is enjoyable  
      12:05 am: "Mahesh" looked cute and natural even without makeup
      12:10 am: "Poddunne 9:00 ki baitikivelli, saayantram 6:00 ki intikochi... TV lo edi choodaalo teliyaka attu ittu kotteskovadam naavalla kaadu" dialogue from victory Venkatesh  
      12:15 am: Serious situation in the film, "Mahesh" quick answer to "Rao Ramesh" is cool
      12:16 am: Once again terrace scene both "Venki" and "Mahesh", good twist from director
      12:18 am: "Anjali" looked beautiful on screen and his natural acting added more grace to herself    
      12:23 am: Only duet of film "Vaana Chinukulu" between "Venki" and "Anjali" is filmed on Godavari background, once again natural taking has killed the feel of a romantic song
      12:28 am: "Prakash Raj" and "Rao Ramesh" about "Seetha" marriage scene is good  
      12:29 am: Background score at crucial scenes is mind blowing       
      12:32 am: "Rao Ramesh" trying to find marriage match's for Seetha, Mahesh and Samantha love track is moving on and even scenes between "Venky" and "Anjali" are going dead slow onscreen
      12:34 am: "Prakash Raj" meets with a train accident, these scenes are filmed naturally, still movie is sailing on slow phase  
      12:36 am: Argument scene between "Jayasudha" and "Mahesh" about "Venki" career looked ok
      12:38 am: Good emotional scenes between "Venky" and "Mahesh", director should be credited for this   
      12:44 am: " Prakash Raj" family and "Rao Ramesh" family meets coincidentally at Bhadrachalam 
      12:50 am: Short circuit scene at "Badrachalam" has been canned very naturally  
      12:52 am: "Prakash Raj" character giving message about society is not impressive
      12:57 am: Last half hour slow phase is taken away with a single good scene, Venky and Anjali marriage with beautifull "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu" song
      12:58 am: FILM ENDS

      SVSC Review: Cast & Crew

    • Director: Srikanth Addala, Producer: Dil Raju
    • Music: Mickey J Meyer, Cinematography: K. V. Guhan, Editing : Marthand K. Venkatesh, Writer:
    • Star Cast: Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, Anjali, Samantha, Jayasudha, Prakash Raj, Rohini Hattangadi, Murali Mohan, Rao Ramesh, Abhinaya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani, Rama Prabha, Venu Madhav, Ravi Babu, Ahuti Prasad andSrinivasa Reddy,
    • Genre: Family Entertainer, Censor Rating: U, Duration: 02:30Hrs.
    • Description: SVSC Review | SVSC Rating | SVSC Movie Review, Rating | Mahesh babu Venkatesh SVSC Review, Rating | SVSC Telugu Movie Cast & Crew, Music, Performances, Language: te
    • Keywords: SVSC Movie Review;SVSC Movie Rating;SVSC Review;SVSC Rating;Mahesh Babu Venkatesh SVSC Review, Rating;Venkatesh;Mahesh Babu;Samantha;Anjali;Srikanth Addala;Dilraju;Telugu Latest Movies;
    • Is Family Friendly: true
    • Author: , Creator: APHerald, Publisher: APHerald

    • Raja can be reached at: Cherukuri.Rajanaidu@apherald.com
      Editor can be reached at: editor@apherald.com

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