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      Mon, May 30, 2016 | Last Updated 11:46 pm IST

      Jabardasth Movie Review, Rating

      Jabardasth Movie Review, Rating

      Jabardasth: Tweet Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

        What Is Good: Samantha's dazzling screen presence, Sid performance, Nithya short yet surprising role, Music, Witty yet funny dialogues, Entertainment, Scene composition.
      What Is Bad:  Unnecessary cameo roles, One liner story, Editing, Shades of BBB.
      Boring Scenes: Malaysia episode, Dragging Climax, 
      Watch It Or Not ?: Paisa - Vasool movie, Go-For-It's fun ride.  

      Jabardasth Review : Story

      Bai Raju [Siddarth] is a cunning fellow, want to make lots of money through business, he flops at every venture he starts and always been chased by money lenders. Shreya [Samantha] is smart and wanna be business women. Accidentally Sidd & Sam starts a joint business venture, and Sam start liking Sid... things goes smooth for a while. Due to a small fight both of them part ways and even their love life gets effected. What business does they start? What was the fight between Sidd and Sam? Was Sid ever become successful in making money? What happened to their love story? has to be seen on silver screen.

      Jabardasth Review : Star Performances

      Siddharth has nailed the character of Bai Raju, a mass role filled with lot of entertainment. Starting from his look, costumes to mannerisms you will feel Bai Raju character onscreen every second rather Sid. Samantha has dazzled the audience with her charismatic screen pressense. She looked beautiful and added elegant performance to her character Shreya. Sams dance moves are good and she even managed few comedy scenes neatly. Nithya Menon in Saraswathi character is surprise package of the movie, Her role was short but a key role in film, she spell bounds you every time she's onscreen. Srihari's role was short yet ok, his role could be little lengthier. Shayaji Shinde, Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh managed to bring laughs in the hall, their performance were neat.

      Jabardasth Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      Nandini Reddy directional skills are decent but not highly impressive, some of the comedy scenes she canned will tickle your bones, even few emotional scenes were feeling okay. However you would expect more from 'Ala Modalaindi' director. Thaman music is trendy, fresh and even background score sounded fine. Sameer reddy camera work is okay, all songs were shot good and especially he showcased Sam and other actors look beautiful on screen. Editing by Nandamuri Hari could have been better. Main hero of the technical team is dialogue writer Velligonda Srinivas, his witty yet funny entertaining one liners will stand as special USP for the film.  

      Jabardasth Review : Analysis

      After 2 years of her debutante movie... Nandini Reddy is back with Samantha, Nithya and Siddarth. As like 'Ala Modalaindi'... Jabardasth is a comedy entertainer but without the freshness in story and with theme of hindi Band Bazaa Baarat. However with support from lead actros, dialogue writer, and her own trade mark neat-regular-life-comedy, Nandini succeeded in entertaining the class, mass audience and justifies the price paid for ticket. First-half ran smooth with nice songs, neat comedy scenes, keeping you engaged with the movie plot. Second half has entry of cameo roles by Nithya, Srihari, Prince building story forward. Twists given by Nithya's character are interesting. Belly ring show, Belly dance moves of Sam are treat to watch. Malaysia episode, Not so natural emotional scenes, Dragging climax are the let downs. Dazzling screen presence of Samantha, Interesting characterization of Nithya, Mass entertainment of Sidharth mingled with Nandini's kewl scene composition makes Jabardasth as entertainive and enjoyable one. But given the cash-rich producer, Number one heroine, Lots of time spent... Nandini could have made this movie much better.

      Jabardasth Review : Conclusion

      Pros :
      • Samantha's dazzling screen presence

      • Sid performance

      • Nithya short yet surprising role

      • Music

      • Witty yet funny dialogues

      • Entertainment

      • Scene composition
      Cons :
      • Unnecessary cameo roles

      • One liner story

      • One liner story
        Bottom - Line : Popcorn comedy entertainer. Value for money, but expected more from Nandini.    

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