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Sat, Oct 1, 2016 | Last Updated 2:08 pm IST

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26/11 India Pai Daadi Movie Review

26/11 India Pai Daadi Movie Review
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26/11 India Pai Daadi: తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

What Is Good: Background score, Excellent lens work, RGV direction, Nana Patekar performance, Editing.
What Is Bad: Known story, Over flow of blood spills.
Boring Scenes: Nothing much
Watch It Or Not ?: RGV is back with a BIG bang.

26/11 India Pai Daadi Review : Story

A group of children like face man with loaded bags of weapons and bombs hits the shoreline of gateway of India on a dark night. They split into teams sticking to their plan and starts merciless killing of innocent people, exploding bombs at crowded places they selected and simultaneously spreading the fear throughout the Mumbai city. Which places has been targeted by them, how does these tragic events started & kept on running, the in depth analysis of the day situations being unfolded by joint commissioner of police [Nana Pattakar] to investigatory committee, has to be seen on the silver screen.

26/11 India Pai Daadi Review : Star Performances

Nana Pattakar as joint commissioner of Mumbai police has delivered breath taking performance. His facial expressions, intensity in his voice modulations and natural feel he brought into the character evolving human emotions definitely deserves a "standing ovation". Sanjeev Jaiswal has given a brilliant performance in character of kasab. At times he gave tuff competition to Nana Pattakar at couple of scenes but couldn’t over shadow him totally. Being a theater artist his expression spoke more than words in the film, keep the good work going ahead Sanjeev. Rest of the characters just pass by in minutes.

26/11 India Pai Daadi Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Ram Gopal Varma direction is topnotch this time, unlike his previous box office disasters. A glimpse of RGV's from Shiva, Satya, Gayam can be sensed in this film. The high level tempo which he started with title cards continues till end titles fall with excellent screenplay. Background score of Amar Mohile is extraordinary, it bought soul to the film. Harshraj Shroff cinematography deserves big high-five for his outstanding work. Editing by Sunil M Wadhwani is fab and production value were up to the standard as required for the movie.

26/11 India Pai Daadi Review : Analysis

Ram Gopal Varma is sweetest child of controversy’s and picking up a project with real life incidents is not a new thing to him but this time he choose bigger task than any of his previous films. Firstly trying to unfold well-known tragetic incident ever happened in India, secondly highest budget movie in his carrier[5.46millions] and finally with no stars in the film but he raised curiosity bar a bit high with innovative publicity skills the god gifted ability he got for the flick.  Producers of the movie & RGV has to be appreciated for giving a meaningful film sidelining commercial elements like item song, special comedy track, etc in the film. There are good number of scenes which will make your blood pump with angry & there are few scenes on which you will hear claps & whistles in the hall. If we dispose these scenes now in the review then it will kill the thrilling experience that you get watching the movie. But we will mention few scenes that will keep rolling in your mind for few hours after watching the movie on silver screen. 1. The high intensity crying of a child after her mother being shoot at Taj hotel reception. 2. A constable mute outburst cry at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus 3. Terrorists keeps firing bullets at everyone who are in their eye sight. 4. Conversations between Nana & Kasab[Sanjeev]

26/11 India Pai Daadi Review : Conclusion

Pros :
  • Background score

  • Excellent lens work

  • RGV direction

  • Nana Patekar performance

  • Editing
Cons :
  • Known story

  • Over flow of blood spills
Bottom - Line : Its a blood pumping film with human emotions, go for it to experience world-class cinema from RGV. Raja can be reached at: [email protected] Editor can be reached at: [email protected]

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