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Shadow: Tweet Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

Shadow: Shadow Voice Review || షాడో: వాయిస్ రివ్యూ

Thank God film ends atlast.

11:32 am:
Lengthy climax scene with bullet sounds and blood floating in is boring.

11:30 am:
Background score of Thaman is great.

11:23 am:
Anna Hazzare alike character is shown linking climax.

11:13 am: Naughty girl song came as relif, Taapsee dance moves, raw sex appeal is added bonus.

11:08 am:
Hero Suman entry as CBI officer is neat

11:00 am:
Nothing intresting is shown in film, mix of comedy and action is totally getting misfired because of unintresting screenplay.


10:54 am:
Avatar joke on Jayaprakash Narayana is funny

10:50 am:
Venki is doing his trade mark dance moves in the song

10:46 am:
From no where 'Pilla Jabardasth' song pops in but Taapsee skin show is wow, Specially her navel treat.

10:33 am: Few more villian characters are added in to movie story,Venki is Good in action scenes folks.

10:20 am:
Brother and Sister senti block is shown post interval with good BGS by thaman.


10:15 am:
Interval Block is given after canning stylish fight scene and Venki reveals his real name as Raghu Ram.

10:07 am:
Venki back in action mode with bullets being fired all around.

10:00 am: 
Aythalaka song flashes in, few mass steps  are being done by Venki, Taapsee and gang.

9:58 am:
Venki imitating pawan from Gabbar Singh and even Anthyakshari scene is taken but its not entertaining though.

9:54 am:
Film running in snail slow phase, nothing interesting is shown in film.

9:50 am:
Venki kiddish acts are not funny. 

9:45 am:
Taapsee looking steamy hot in Bikini.

9:44 am:
Change of Shadow [Venki] Character and MS Narayana names him Chanti

9:42 am:
Adithya pancholi is correct choice for main villian role and his emotions are great.

9:40 am:
Whistles in hall when Venki is riding a sport car. Well canned chase scene between Venki and Srikanth.

9:38 am:
Modren day technolgy is used by Venki to kill villain is cool.

9:36 am:
Gola Gola Song comes in, madhubala [Taapsee] is pouring her hotness onscreen.

9:32 am: Comedy track strated with entry of Ms Narayana as Syco Srinu, Not so funny comedy scene between Ms Narayana and Venki.

9:30 am:
Taapsee entry is normal but she is looking cute.

9:26 am: Film shifts to malaysia and lavish helicopters are shown, Slow motion fights scenes looking unappealing folks.

9:25 am:
Title song of Shadow pops in and Venki is shaking his leg. He is looking good in stylish costumes.

9:15 am: 'Nenu evaru anedhi mystery, nanu catch cheyalante history, meeru chudaboyedhi naa victory', dialogue from venki is super, Perfectly canned fight scene folks.

9:12 am:
Whistles in the hall for entry of Venki, he is looking very stylish driving Harley Davidson bike.

9:05 am: Nasser looking apt in muslim getup, Srikanth looking dymanic in police uniform.

9:00 am:
Thaman background score is nice and adding weight of running situation

8:55 am:
Film starts with entry of Nagababu and he introduces all major negative character in movie. Nagababu looks in ruff look with long hair.

8:50 am:
Not bad folks theater is full, guess SVSC success of Venki and Thaman music pulled movie buffs.

8:45 am:
Good Morning tweet hearts, Stay tunned to view live updates of  Shadow.

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