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      Sat, Jul 23, 2016 | Last Updated 10:23 pm IST

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      Balupu Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      Balupu Telugu Movie Review, Rating
      data-page-url= 'http://www.apherald.com'
      Star castRavi TejaShruti HaasanAnjali
      ProducerPrasad Vara PotluriDirectorGopichand Malineni.

      What Is Good: Ravi Teja's energetic performance, Brahmi comedy, Shruthi Hassan glamour

      What Is Bad: Routine story, Not so griping screenplay, Many characters are wasted, Songs, Unimpressive flashback episode 

      Boring Scenes:  Second half, Climax, Songs

      Watch It Or Not?: Not a complete ACTION ENTERIANER, but turns as one time watcher for Ravi Teja-Brahmi comedy. 

      బలుపు - తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      Balupu Review: Story

      Shruthi[ Shruthi Hassan] gets engaged to Rohit[Adivi Sesh], their marriage set to be after ten days. Crazy Mohan [Brahmanandam] uncle of Shruthi tempts her to enjoy life for these ten days by playing love pranks on innocent guys. One of Ravi’s [Ravi Teja] friend becomes victim of Shruthi-Brahmi’s prank and attempts suicide. Ravi comes into picture to teach a lesson for Brahmi-Shruthi and eventually Shruthi falls in love with him. But Ravi Teja steps down to accept her love bcoz of his past and his love Dr. Anjali[Anjali]. What is Ravi Teja’s past life? What is between Ravi Teja-Anjali? Will it turn into triangle love story? Does Shruthi-Adivi Sesh get married? Has to be seen on silver screen.

      Balupu Review: StarPerformances

      Ravi Teja gave energetic performances in two shades given to him. Differences which he carried in both characters are nice. This time Ravi Teja even showed a little modulation in his dialogue, which is fresh and looked good. In a way Ravi Teja bounces back entertaining audiences with all his USP's in Balupu. Brahmi will entertain you from his first frame till climax. His Gangnam Style dance, imitating Pawan Klayan and uttering Allu Arjun's "maatallev...maataadukotaallev" dialogue at climax makes you laugh out loud.

      Shruthi Hassan gave a complete glam treat throughout the film. Her expressions, temping skin show, hot dance moves stands as plus points to Balupu. Shruthi is very near close in reaching NO 1 heroine place of Tollywood, if she counties this strategy which is applied in Balupu. Anjali looked cute but chubby and as per performances levels she scores cent percent marks. Anjali chemistry with Ravi Teja looked fine and if she doesn’t pull down her weight it will be BIG LOSS for her future.  

      Prakash Raj leaves his mark in two shades given to him. Ashutosh Rana, Adivi Sesh disappoints you as villains as their character are not strong enough along with less screen time given to them. Other character like Ali, Jaya Prakash, Lakshmi Rai and many characters just come in and go without much importance.

      Balupu Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      Gopichand Malineni direction is not so great but kind of OK, he picked up an old story yet again and tried to present it with racy screenplay. But Gopi has presented Ravi Teja the way he fans wanted him to see silver screen. This time Thaman music is not quite high but his BSG sounds fine.

      data-page-url= 'http://www.apherald.com'

      Jayanan Vincent cinematography looks beautiful in songs and overall its neat. Goutham Raju editing can be much better, he could have made use of his scissors in second half. Dialogues inked by team of Kona Venkat- K.S.Ravindra are entertaining in first half and it slows down in second half. Production values are rich throughout the movie.

      Balupu Review: Analysis

      First half of the film runs in an entertaining pattern. Ravi Teja comic episodes with Brahmi and even Shruthi-Brahmi scenes are very enjoyable. Powerful punch dialogues here and there will keep Ravi Teja's mass touch alive. Key twists in the movie getting revealed at pre-interval is big minus of Balupu. Fight scenes looks more of artificial, killing essence in the movie. Potential actors like Adivi Sesh, Ali, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Adithya Menon ,Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji and many are wasted.

      Things go out of proportion in second half, there are many unnecessary scenes which are placed forcibly and even screenplay is not so interesting here. Flashback part is not so effective but Ravi Teja's performance with punch dialogues like "Nenu vadilesindi rowdeeijaannee..naalo unna balupuni kaadu..nannu kelakoddu", " Ye fear lenodu endulonanina interfere avutaadu" builds up little mass mood but drops down instantly. Comedy track which director placed at the climax has totally backfired. Placing IPL song "jampak...jampak" at climax looks irritating and suppress the seriousness build around till then.  

      Bottom Line: Not a complete ACTION ENTERIANER, but turns as one time watcher for Ravi Teja-Brahmi comedy. 

      Review board: Cheruku Raja, Saraswathi Nikhil, Shashikant. Write to: editor@apherald.com


      Director : Gopichand Malineni

      Procucer : Prasad Vara Potluri.

      Duration of the Movie is 150 min.

      • RaviTeja
      • Anjali
      • Sruthi Hassan
      • Bramhanandam

      Genre : Action Entertainer

      Censor Board Rating: (A)

      Tags : Balupu Review. Balupu Movie Review. Balupu Rating. Balupu Telugu Movie Review.

      Balupu Movie Review
      Balupu Review | Balupu Rating | Balupu Movie Review | Balupu Telugu Movie Review, Rating.
      Not a complete ACTION ENTERIANER, but turns as one time watcher for Ravi Teja-Brahmi comedy.
      Balupu Telugu Movie 2013
      Date published: 06/29/2013
      2.25 / 5 stars
      5/ 5 - (1 votes)
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