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Tue, Sep 27, 2016 | Last Updated 10:39 pm IST

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Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Tweet Review, Rating

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Tweet Review, Rating
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GJG: English Full Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ


GJG:గుండెజారి గల్లంతయ్యిందే వాయిస్ రివ్యూ || Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Voice Review

Good morning APHerald.com tweet readers, here starts live tweets on "Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde"  
  • 08:49 AM: Film title cards starts with a special thanks to Power Star Pawan Kalyan.
  • 08:51 AM: Very interesting introduction of Nitin's character.
  • 08:54 AM: Beautiful Isha talwar charming intro, she is looking like a glam doll.

  • 08:57 AM: Karthik[Nitin] is love guru in his office. His pool table girl concept is nice.

  • 09:02 AM: First song 'Neenu Choosina' pops in with beautiful background locations. Adanam sami voice is awesome and both Nitin and Isha chemistry is looking kwel.


  • 09:05 AM: Nithya entry is too normal and her requirement in love is more of fantasy.
  • 09:08 AM: Funny phone call prank by Nitin with Nithya.
  • 09:14 AM: Entertaining comedy episode.
  • 09:20 AM: Intersting yet old trick of love concept used by director.
  • 09:25 AM: "Thu Hi Rey" Song flashed in folks with good feel in it and Nithya looking beautiful.
  • 09:31 AM: Interesting screenplay running on guys.
  • 09:33 AM: Not so required fight scene comes in just to show Nitin heroism.
  • 09:38 AM: Fantastic style of greeting happy birthday wishes by Nithin to Nithya.
  • 09:41 AM: Awaited tholiprema remix song drops on, Nitin max imitating Pawan but added some hippy dance moves.

  • 09:43 AM: Whistles in hall with entry of pawan in a lungi and Nitin  dancing side to power star, smart movie.
  • 09:48 AM: Mind blowing twist in film to Nitin.
  • 09:50 AM: Audience are laughing out loud at Nitin's drinking scene and Ali added more dose to it.

  • 09:56 AM: Funny miss identification comedy rolling on.
  • 10:02 AM: Excellent justification to movie title is given in interval folks.

  • 10:05 AM: First half is terrific folks with lots of entertainment, good songs, interesting screenplay with nice twists and freshness is USP of film.
  • 10:24 AM: Nithya has given good twist to Nitin.
  • 10:30 AM: Lusted song of decade by Jwala pops in, OMG her busty beauty is treat.
  • 10:31 AM: Nitin showcased his full on dance on potential in the song.
  • 10:38 AM: Whistles in the hall with glimpse of Pawan Kalyan from Kushi movie, Nitin repeated it with ease.

  • 10:42 AM: Most popular Kushi 'Nadumu' scenes is used between Nitin and Nithya but not matching the standards.
  • 10:46 AM: One more time guys, comedy act flashed in, audience bursting out with laughs.
  • 10:52 AM: Nice revenge schemes by Nithya.
  • 10:55 AM: Nitin proving his comedy timing very well.
  • 10:59 AM: Raghu babu and Ali comedy scene is ok ok.
  • 11:03 AM: One more fight scene but this time its meaningful and classy too.
  • 11:06 AM: GJG title track floated in, outstanding location, kwel dance moves by Nitin and Nithya looking cute.

  • 11:13 AM: Ali is doing his comedy job decently folks.
  • 11:14 AM: Nithya performances in two shades is good.
  • 11:19 AM: Excellent twists in the movie folks.
  • 11:23 AM: Fab clarity about attraction and love is given by Nitin.

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