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      Tue, Jul 26, 2016 | Last Updated 6:08 am IST

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      Sukumarudu Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      Sukumarudu Telugu Movie Review, Rating
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      Sukumarudu Reviews: Tweet Review | తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ | తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

      Star cast: 
      AadiNisha AggarwalGhattamaneni KrishnaSharadaChandra MohanBrahmanandamSrinivas Avasarala

      Director: G. Ashok

      What Is Good: Super Star Krishna cameo, Sharada Acting. 

      What Is Bad: Everything

      Boring Scenes: Starting From Titles Cards To End Card.

      Watch It Or Not ?: Don't Dare To Watch It Even In Small Screen.


      Sukumarudu Review: Story

      Sukumarudu [Aadi] is a selfish NRI, who doesn’t keep belief in love, family, relationships but believes that MONEY matters at end of the day. Aadi aims to start his own company and keeps trying for bank loan but fails. To his surprise Aadi comes to know that back in India he hails property worth 150 crores and within no time he lands in Andhra Pradesh. Here Aadi comes across his grandmother Vardhanamma [ Sharda ] and also falls in love with Sankari [ Nisha Agarwal ]. Rest of the story is framed with, whether Aadi sell his ancestral property 150 crore ? What happens to his love story?  Did he remain selfish ? or Sharda and villages atmosphere changed him ?



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      Sukumarudu Review: StarPerformances

      Aadi has lacked little bit in his acting skills this time, at few key scenes he couldn’t give required expressions convincingly. But his dancing skills and fight scenes are worth appreciating.  Super Star Krishna garu cameo is surprise element and one of the positive aspects in this movie. His natural acting and vibrant screen presences are good as usual.

      Senior actresses Sharada did a fab job as Vardhanamma, her performance is outstanding throughout the movie. Nisha role has not so much importance’s, she was used just for songs and few scenes with hero. Rao Ramesh role was brief and he makes his presences felt on silver screen. Tanikeela Bharani did a decent job as villain. Bunch of comedians were wasted with not so well written comedy scenes for them. 

      Sukumarudu Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      Director G.Ashok has spoiled the entire film with his poor direction, unimpressive screenplay, not so interesting story and poor dialogues. Entire film looked more like a boring version to Ashok’s Pilla Zamindar movie.

      Anoop Rubens tracks are not so catchy this time and neither his BGS is effective compared to his previous films. Sai Sreeram cinematography is not so impressive and looks like Praveen Pudi has did not use editor responsibility given to him. Production values looked fine. 

      Sukumarudu Review: Analysis

      First thing which kills you is 3 LONG HOURS run-time of Sukumarudu movie. Single factor which awaked interest over this flick is its Ashoks movie post Pilla Zamindar and what you get here is over dose uninteresting updated version of Pilla Zamindar. From starting titles to end cards there is no clarity in screenplay about what director is trying to tell through this movie. Sub-plots in comes in one after the other confusing you what’s running in and why did you buy this film ticket. Songs and fights are planted without any situation and looks added forcibly.   

      Having more than dozen talented comedians, director couldn’t use them to their full potential. Romantic track between Aadi-Nisha looks so unnatural and even sentiment scenes lacks soul in them because of poor writing. Not even single sub-plot has given proper finishing and icing on cake is climax which test your already dead patience. Director has filed cent percent in taking output from technical team as well as cast of the movie.  

      Bottom-Line: Don't Dare To Watch It Even In Small Screen.

      Review board: Cheruku Raja, Viswa Prasad, Shashikant.
      Write to: editor@apherald.com
      Call: +91-40-4260-1008

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