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      Sun, Jul 24, 2016 | Last Updated 4:07 pm IST

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      Mahesh Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      Mahesh Telugu Movie Review, Rating
      data-page-url= 'http://www.apherald.com'

      Star cast: Sundeep KishanDimple Chopade
      Producer: Suresh KondetiDirector: Madhan Kumar

      తెలుగు రివ్యూ: మహేష్

      What Is Good: Jagan’s character and One Liners, Picturization of couple of songs

      What Is Bad: No logic in Screenplay, Second Half, Sudden end, Editing and Direction

      Boring Scenes: No. of Mahesh’s in the movie Sundeep meet

      Watch It or Not?: NO.

      Mahesh ReviewStory

      A Happy go Lucky Engineering student Shiva (Sundeep Kishan) falls in love with classmate Sandya (Dimple Chopde) in Engineering final year. Shiva impresses Sandya in an Industrial tour and gets married with her. But things turn around suddenly when Mahesh character is introduced in Shiva’s life. Shiva with the help of his friend Vasanth (Jagan) undergo a quest of finding Mahesh identity forms the rest of the crux part.

      Mahesh ReviewStarPerformances

      data-page-url= 'http://www.apherald.com'

      In the acting department apart from Jagan no one has made an impression. He carries the film on his shoulders and he impresses with his funny character. It is painful to see actor with potential like Sundeep Kishan is being wasted in such good for nothing character. Actress Dimple Chopde impresses with looks but have nothing much to do with the limited script. Sana Oberai sizzled in the item number. Rest of the characters such as Livingston, Vijay, Srinath, Uma Padhmanabhan, Swaminathan, Singamuthu, Nellai Siva and Venkat Sundar are supportive with their characters.

      Mahesh ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

      The script lacks imagination and it is predictable too. With a weak script in hands, debutante, R.Madhan Kumar has nothing special to offer apart from few sexual gags. Major loop hole in the movie is Dimple is said to be heart throb of the college guys. Whereas Sundeep hasn’t seen the girl in his first three years of his engineering life. The length of the film doesn't work in its favour either, and you feel that at least a good fifteen minutes could be chopped off without doing the film any harm. Climax is a big letdown. Raana’s cinematography is neat, especially his work in Maadi Musi and Oorike Vayasu songs are praise worthy. Music by Gopi Sunder (National Award film Usthad Hotel fame) is adequate. Background Score is loud, which could have been easily tone downed. There are too many close up shots in Mahesh, the Telugu dubbing might annoy you with no lip sync.

      Mahesh ReviewAnalysis

      Mahesh is the story of a young man Shiva who suspects that his wife’s courtesan is Mahesh and his search of this man. Movie has okay storyline and stupid twist but suffers from a serious lack of all the necessary extremities that could have keep movie running in full throttle. And even if you are someone looking for adult gags that would keep you keep you engaged for a couple of hours, you are likely to be in for a huge disappoint.

      Bottom Line : “Maheshhhh” cinema tho Mathi pothundi

      Review board: Cherukuri Raja, Saraswathi Nikhil, Shashikant. Write to: editor@apherald.com

      Call: +91-40-4260-1008

      5/ 5 - (1 votes)
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