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      Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | Last Updated 2:46 am IST

      Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Review, Rating

      - 2/5
      Hrudaya Kaleyam Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

      What Is Good

      • Sampoornesh
      • Background Score
      • Cinematography
      • Dialogues

      What Is Bad

      • Dragged Second Half
      • Songs
      • Less Comedy
      • Inspired Episodes
      • Spoofed Scenes.
      Bottom Line: Just not as funny as it should be


      Sampoornesh Babu (Sampoornesh) falls in love with Neelu (Kavya Kumar) in the first instance. He starts following her to impress. But things turn around when Neelu rejects Sampoornesh and to make her believe him. Sampoornesh starts working on Hybrid computer to help the Indians. That's how he comes out with Neelu Samputer 1.25 a 500 Rs computer and in the same time Neelu accepts his love. Seeing his impressive computer foreign delegates plan to kill Sampoornesh and take the master plan of Neelu Samputer. Black Mamba comes to steal the plan from Sampoornesh but fails and try to kill Neelu. Will Black Mamba steal the plan? Will Neelu marry Sampoornesh? What happens to Neelu ? Why do Police chase Sampoornesh Babu to find these answers you need to watch this film in theatres.

      Star Performance

      Sampoornesh tries his best to convince audience with his histrionics. The way he talks, walks and moves to tunes are funny and nicely handled by the director Steven Shankar. It could have been better if director could have worked on his dubbing. Bangalore girl Kavya Kumar is more subtle in her performance. Ishika Singh did an extended cameo she is average. Mahesh Kathi (Director of Reporter) plays an important character in the film. He is perfectly apt to the Commissioner Bhairav Rathod character. He has some funny scenes and lines. N. Sai Rajesh and Phani cameos are okay. Rest of the characters failed to make their presence felt due to poor characterizations.

      Techinical Team

      The movie's plot is uninteresting (Even inspired from few films) and at times even script turns ridiculous. It does have its few scenes that can be quite funny - like the sampoornesh Babu action episodes and scenes from some classic movies. But this is repeated so often in the film that too soon gets boring. There is a message about the impact of progress in India, but there are so many other films out there that do a better and more interesting job at addressing this issue. There are hundreds of Spoof films made in around the world majority of them being absolutely rubbish due to poor sense of humor in the film. Even Burning star's Hrudaya Kaleyam fails in this aspect to provide some good pun with the film's concept and spoof. The Music by RK is middling. Even song drag the film to the core. But RK succeeded in providing some good Background Score to the film. Editor Karthik Srinivas did an okay job, He could have worked a bit on the second half transition of the scenes. Choreography by Chiranjeevi is funny in the introduction song. Fights are fine. Production Values of Amrutha Productions are fine.


      Hrudaya Kaleyam is a spoof, stupid, plain and simple film. The film focuses on making spoof of few Telugu films. Not that the idea is a bad thing though the execution is. There are few funny sequences, but more of a crappy comedy that fails to tickles our funny bones. First half of the film has some good lines and scenes, but second half completely goes awry around a simple plot line. Only reason to watch this movie, only if you wanna see how a social media star acted in a movie. On the whole, the movie has some good scenes, but ultimately it's never that funny. It continues with elements of emotional spoof story, but the two parts never work together, the fun of the first conflicting with the outrageousness of the second. It's not a terrible movie, but it was a terrible disappointment.

      Cast & Crew

      4 / 5 - (116 votes)
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