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      Tue, Jul 26, 2016 | Last Updated 8:01 am IST

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      Surya's Brothers Telugu Movie Review, Rating - Salt less Sambar

      Surya's Brothers Telugu Movie Review, Rating - Salt less Sambar
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       BROTHER'S  TWEET REVIEW || బ్రదర్స్ తెలుగు రివ్యూ
      What Is Good: Suriya, Kajal, Cinematography
      What Is Bad: Direction,editing,screenplay,story, lengthy runtime of three hours
      Boring Scenes: Complete second half
      Watch It Or Not ?: Complete crap, save your 100 bucks avoiding this film as weekend watch

      Brothers Review: Story

      Film starts with birth of conjoint twins Akhil & Vimal [Suriya in both roles] with single heart and two bodies. Akhil is naughty & weak in studies, on the other side Vimal is silent & intelligent guy. Their dad Ramachandran [Sachin Khedekar] runs an energy drink complement company for kids in Indian market. There will be sequences of mysterious muders happening to find the chemical formula which Ram Chandra Company uses and in the meantime Vimal dies. What is that chemical formula, who are the people doing those mysterious murders, how did Vimal die, will Akhil finds out the reason for Vimal’s death and take revenge who did that, has to be seen on the silver screen.

      Brothers Review : Star Performances

      Suriya's performance as conjoint twins was simply super, he has definitely did the hardest role of his career with ease and maturity that he got from his earlier movies. Kajal has done a decent job which her character demanded in this film, her role was sweet & short. She looked glamours and even done some good dance moves in the songs. Sachin Khedekar was the suprise package of this film, his performance was good. Ravi Prakash ,Tara, Ajay Ratnam has complemented well with the flow of the film.

      Brothers Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

      K.V.Anand's direction, story, screenplay are the major negative aspects of this film. After directing successful film like 'Rangam', audience expect a much better film from him, but he didn't reach to the expectations. Its better if he continue working as cameraman for director Shankar and take a break in making films. Editing by Anthony is the worst part of the movie, why did he agree to not shorten more than three hours films is a big question. Music in this film ever reminds you of any flavor of Harris Jayaraj even for a minute, bcoz of not more than two minutes of track time, songs were ok. One person who has to be applauded in the technical department is S. Sounder Rajan for his brilliant cinematography. Production values can be seen with songs in foreign locations.

      Brothers Review : Analysis

      First half of the story runs with three songs, introduction of the characters and little comedy done by Akhil character. Much hyped conjoint twins concept stays for less time, which disspoints a little bit and fight scene before interval was shoot perfectly and only best part in first half of the movie. Second half goes very flat with no base and no flow in the story of the movie to go forward. Dragging scenes, with unimpressive screenplay and specially lengthy discussion between Suriya and Sachin in the climax makes you fall asleep in your seat.  

      Brothers Review : Conclusion

       Pros :
      • Suriya's performance
      • Kajal
      • Cinematography
      Cons :
      • Direction
      • Screenplay
      • Editing
      • Story
      • More than three hours of runtime
      • Lengthy and dragging climax
      Bottom - Line : Suriya tryed his level best to score a hit but surely disappoints audiences who comes to theaters, not a definite watch movie for this weekend

      Brothers Review : Cast & Crew

      Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions Directors : K. V. Anand Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh Cinematography : S. Sounder Rajan Editing : Anthony Music: Harris Jayaraj Cast : Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sachin Khedekar
      Raja can be reached at: Cherukuri.Rajanaidu@apherald.com
      Editor can be reached at: editor@apherald.com
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