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Fri, Sep 30, 2016 | Last Updated 3:28 pm IST

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Bus Stop - Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Bus Stop - Telugu Movie Review, Rating
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What Is Good: Maruthi's Direction, Screenplay, Dialogues, Music, Comedy, Rao Ramesh Performance.
What Is Bad: Cut-Shot Editing, Single Point Story, Few Double Meaning Dialogues.
Boring Scenes:Interval block, Few over emotional scenes in second half.
Watch It Or Not ?: Youthful entertainer from Maruthi, with under-current message about Parents love for their children; Worth Watching.

Bus Stop Review: Story

Srinu[Hero], Sailaja[Heroine] are in love with each other from school days and they split because of a silly fight. Days pass on with Heroine still loving Hero and he is also waiting for Heroine. Sailaja makes first move during graduation final year, by joining in Srinu's college and love between them blossoms again. Sailaja parents do not accept their love and keep spying on her.   What was the silly fight between leads? why Sailaja parents did not accepts her love, Does the leads got married? Under-current family emotion, need to be seen on the silver screen.

Bus Stop Review : Star Performances

Prince as Srinu and Divya as Sailaja were apt to their characters and gave decent performance. Actually, way much better than their earlier movie "Neeku Naaku Dash-Dash". Even though his role was brief, Rao Ramesh gave terrific performance exploded with good dialogues. Sai Kumar Pampana of "ee rojullo" fame is the show stealer in this film with good comedy timing and apt expressions in funny scenes.

Bus Stop Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Maruthi's direction, screenplay and yeah-of-course double meaning dialogues are the assets of this film and deserves big kudos. If Maruthi focus on writing commercial dialogues with less vulgarity, he can be the next Trivikram in Telugu. Music by JB is neat, and goes along with the flow of movie like in "ee rojullo", It keeps mood of the film to flow enjoyably. Cinematography by J. Prabhakara Reddy looked fine, Managing to get such shots even by using the small [Canon 5D] camera without missing the rich look was worth applauding for.  SB Uddhav's editing is minus to this film: which make audience feel sort of cut-shot in the first half and dragging at scenes in the second half.

Bus Stop Review : Analysis

First half of the film is specially focused on present days youth life style and over does of double meaning dialogues. Sai Kumar Pampana comedy scene of sending hot video to entire class through bluetooth transfer is funny. Seema flirting scenes with Kanna & Ravi are spicy. Second half of the movie is totally dedicated to family audiences and parents love to their children. Rao Ramesh analysis speech about modern days girls and their love is good. Even his dialogues about parents love towards their children in the climax are heart touching. 

Bus Stop Review : Conclusion

Pros :
  • Maruthi's Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Rao Ramesh Performance

Cons :
  • Editing
  • Overdosed Emotion at Places
  • Single Point Story
  • Double meaning dialogues

Bottom - Line :Surprisingly honest attempt from Maruthi about affections between Parent & Children combined with commercial elements. Could be a good week-end watch with friends.

Bus Stop Review : Cast & Crew

Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions Banner 
Directors : Maruti 

Producer :Bellamkonda Suresh  
Cinematography : J Prabhakara Reddy
Editing : SB Uddhav 
Music: JB
Cast :  Prince, Khanna,Sri Divya, Sai Kumar Pampana, Rakshita

Raja can be reached at: [email protected]
Editor can be reached at: [email protected]

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