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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 3:49 am IST

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      ‘Mirchi’ censor report

      ‘Mirchi’ censor report
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       Fans of Prabhas especially all the Telugu girls and ladies are preparing themselves for a big treat. This is the new film ‘Mirchi’ which is coming on February 8th and recently the film has gone through the censor board for certification and got an ‘A’ certificate. At the same time, some inside news has also come out.  It is heard that the film is a mix of action and comedy. Though it started off as a family entertainer, sources say the makers changed the plans and decided to make it more commercial with mass masala. That’s when the action episodes got attached and that dose has become more. The duration of the film is 155 minutes.  According to sources, the film is a mix of ‘Darling’ with action base. The first half has got good marks for the entertainment values, the romance. The second half seems to have got a sluggish report due to the sentiment and melodrama angle. Sources say the director took efforts to justify all genres of audience but due to that the depth is missing. Overall, even if the film gets an average rating then the Prabhas momentum will take it to a hit.
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