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      Sat, Jun 25, 2016 | Last Updated 11:08 pm IST

      Hot dialogues from Mirchi

      Hot dialogues from Mirchi
      Our darling Prabhas 'Mirchi' spreading its hotness at box office , with positive talk at every centre. Film critics and common audiences are praising Prabhas performance in the film from start to end, here are few hot dialogues for you folks.      Nuvvu na vooru raavalante sketch vesi ravali... Adhe nenu ni vooru raavalante hanger ki unna shirt veskunte chalu ra     Cutout Choosi Konni Konni Nammeyali dude       Veelaithe preminchu..maha aithe tirigi premistharu       katti vaadadam modaledithe...naakantey baaga evvadu vaadaledu   Ila Ayithe Ee Ammayiki Enti..A ammayikee Annayyavi Avvavu  
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