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      Fri, Jul 1, 2016 | Last Updated 9:49 am IST

      Sherlyn with 8 nude people

      Sherlyn with 8 nude people
       One girl who has been raising the sexual desires in many men of India with her bikini poses and seminude stills is Sherlyn Chopra. Now, she is taking it to a new level as she is going to be part of the erotica treat ‘Kamasutra 3D’. This is directed by the international filmmaker Rupesh Paul and here is an update.  It is heard that Sherlyn is not the only one who will go nude in this. She will be accompanied by eight other artists who will be completely nude and all of them would be indulging in some hot and tiring lovemaking acts. The shooting will commence from March 15th onwards at a location in Rajasthan.  The director has reportedly mentioned that so far only 2 to 3 percent of the film has been shot but the real thing is going to begin now. But some are expressing doubts how smooth will it continue because of the subject and that too the shooting is happening in India. For now, many are already fantasizing how Sherlyn will be with eight nude people.
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