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by: Nandivada pramod | May 03 2013 11:50 [IST]
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nayanatara,Sex Appeal,secret,costume designer,greeku veerudu,kahaani,
Nayanatara the mesmerising Mallu babe right from her debut days gave sleepless nights to many movie lovers with her natural beauty. So whenever Nayan fell in love all of them used to get disappointed and many celebrated on her breakups. Such is her enchanting beauty that she stunned all as Goddess Seetha in Sri Rama Rajyam and prior to that offered sensational bikini treat in Adurs.

Her Greeku Veerudu is releasing today and she looked gorgeous in trailers and already all the shows showed housefull. One can say it is Nayan's divine beauty that dragged people towards theaters. According to insiders in kahaani sets of Sekhar Kammula, she is looking even more stunning.

Nayan's secret of increased sex appeal is she started designing her own costumes in Greeku Veerudu and even for Kahaani. This bought complete change as results are there for everyone to see.

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