by: saraswathi nikhil  |  May 10 2013 15:19 [IST]
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One of the most talked about and highly anticipated film in Tollywood is ‘Bahubali’ and the reason for that is, it is a period film starring Prabhas and Rana. The other important point is, it is directed by S S Rajamouli. From a long time, the talk has been happening but now a concrete update has arrived.

It is heard that ‘Bahubali’ will hit the floors on May 14th and the regular shooting will commence without any break. Till now, both Prabhas and Rana were put into intensive training program wherein they learnt sword fighting, horse riding and some combat skills. The training is still continuing but the shooting will commence.


The film is going to be rich in Visual Effects so inside reports say about 75% of the film’s sequences would be canned in Bluemat format. If everything goes as planned then the makers are also looking at shaping the film in a 3D format. This is a trilingual in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. Anushka is the leading lady.
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