'THAT' Actor forced her not to speak about 'Sexual Harassment'

13 days ago -

Recently, a Veteran actress made an open statement that an actor who is currently a politician sexually harassed her and he also forced her to stay away from the industry by plucking away her chances. The actress who is currently settled in the USA along with her husband and children made such a statement.

Even though she never revealed the name of the actor, there came various speculations regarding the actor. And adding a twist to the tale, she made another statement that she never did spoke anything like that and online media made some cooked up stories themselves.

This further created chaos. Now, a bankable source reported that the actres is forced to get back her words or to face bitter consequences. Also, what baffles everyone is when she said she respects that guy even now who harassed her and abused her.

Seems, anything is possible in the film industry! Also, there is no clarity on which online web portal made such a statement first without any proper evidence. Whatever, the dark side is getting revealed!