"YES.. It is TRUE that PRODUCERS SLEEP with ACTRESSES for providing a CHANCE..."

9 days ago -

Most of the actresses have openly lashed out that Producers and Directors used to call actresses for a relationship to provide them a movie chance. Parvathy Menon and few more actresses confirmed the same.

Now, the latest to join the list is actress Raai Laxmi. She too said that casting couch does exist in the Film industry. During her recent interview, she said, "Some filmmakers put emphasis on their personal needs.

In every industry, females are being targeted to share the bed to get a chance. But so far, I have never faced such an incident. Most of them come to film industry so that they can sleep with actresses and Junior artists.

Due to such people, the whole industry is put to shame. Those who sleep with actresses can never make a good movie at any instant. If any actress refuses to oblige to their desires, they are thrown out of the projects too."