SHOCKING :: OOPS !! Moment at CANNES - Celebrities who felt SHAMEFUL due to OPEN OUTFITS

6 days ago -

Cannes Film Festival is right now happening in the USA and from India Shruti Haasan's 'Sangamitra' has been sent to the festival. The movie is all set to be made on a large scale under Sundar.C direction. Shruti Haasan is going to do the female lead role in this magnum opus project.

Now, in this festival few celebrities faced Wardrobe malfunction. Famous American Actress Bella Hadid who walked the red carpet faced the most embarrassing situation. The dress she wore forced her into a humiliating situation.

She wore a cut in her gown and that exposed her inner beauty above thighs. Paparazzi who were flashing cameras never missed the chance and she was thrown into an embarrassing situation. However, this is not the first time Bella faces such a humiliation. During last year Cannes festival also she faced similar situation.