Oops! Actor worried about his beloved Wife’s B-Grade movie !!

4 days ago -
Manyata who was Born as Dilnawaj Shaikh in a Muslim family, to become a top of becoming a top heroine.But fortune didn't work out in her case.At last, she ended up in doing B grade movies.

Then she is married to Sanjay Dutt. Now she is well known as the third wife of Sanj Dutt.Her husband inorder to maintain the status of his family purchased the B grade movie and its rights and vacuum sucked all the cd’s available in the market.

Even after all these extreme efforts, he was very much worried that the film may surface on the internet in future but fortunately, it didn't float. Despite Manyata is 20 years younger than her husband  Sanjay Dutt, they have been happily married for close to a decade now. They seem to lead a happy family life with twin sons