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      Thu, Jun 30, 2016 | Last Updated 1:21 am IST

      ‘Bahubali’ gets a big talent

      ‘Bahubali’ gets a big talent

      Just recently director S S Rajamouli made it clear that no foreign actor is being taken for his new film ‘Bahubali’ but then it looks like he is trying to take actors within different regions of India. The latest news is that Rajamouli has taken the talented Kannada star Sudeep for an important role in the film.


      Sources say Sudeep has joined the cast and he has begun getting into the mould of this period film. Already, Rajamouli exposed the strength and talent of Sudeep through his earlier film ‘Eega’. With this, it would be the third straight film for the Kannada actor who is fondly called as Kichcha by many.


      Whether Sudeep is going to essay a positive or negative character is still a mystery but his presence has added more weight to the already heavy film. Starring Prabhas and Daggubati Rana in the lead, the film also has Anushka as the leading lady and Rajamouli has currently gone to the US on some work.
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