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      Tue, Jul 26, 2016 | Last Updated 6:08 am IST

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      Nara Rohit’s 'Prathinidhi' teaser

      Nara Rohit’s 'Prathinidhi' teaser
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      Hero Nara Rohit has proved as an actor with his first film, with his second movie scoring commercial hit he looked promising but with third flick tasting flop he fall short of expectations. Knowing the rules of win and loose importance’s in TFI Nara Rohit is bouncing back with a political drama film titled  'Prathinidhi'  which has a tag line 'One Man will stand against all odds'.

      The movie unit had released the teaser of the movie a short while ago on the occasion of Nara Rohit's Birthday tomorrow. The teaser created curiosity among film enthusiasts and impressive dialogue evoking interest over the movie.

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      New chick on the block Shubra Aiyappa is romancing Rohit in this film. Prashanth Mandava is making his debut as director with this movie. Samba Siva Rao is producing it under his Sudha Cinemas banner. Anand Ravi has scripted this film which boasts of Sai Karthik's tunes and gives Chitti Babu a chance to explore his cinematographic talent in this film. 

      Here is the teaser


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