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      Tue, Dec 1, 2015 | Last Updated 2:05 am IST

      Ram Charan Magadheera stunts making

      Ram Charan Magadheera stunts making
      Magadheera movie has earned the title of Mega Power Star to Ram Charan and along with maturity in acting his stunts were appreciated by movie buffs. Charan’s sword fighting scenes, bike stunt, horse riding and all action scenes were choreographed by fight master Peter Haynes and director Rajamouli has uploaded Magadheera stunt making video few hours back in his official face book page. 

      Yesterday Magadheera has completed its four years in TFI. Rajamouli quoted  " Breathtaking stunts from Magadheera " to the video. Enjoy the stunts making video exclusively @ APHerald.com.

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