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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 11:18 pm IST

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      Pawan Kalyan Sister in Birthday celebrations of Powerstar

      Pawan Kalyan Sister in Birthday celebrations of Powerstar
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      It is common that the fans of Pawan Kalyan drenched in celebrations of their movie idol’s birthday. But surprisingly, Pawan Kalyan family participated in the birthday celebrations of powerstar pawan kalyan.

      The elder sister of Pawan Kalyan Madhavi participated in a birthday celebration of pawan kalyan which was held by fans. The event was organized in association with Subhiksha Voluntary Organizations (A non-Profit organization runs for ensuring good health and education for underprivileged children). She distributed kits to children in the charity event.

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      On the other hand, the Pawan Kalyan fans have shown their pawanism in all areas on the occasion of his birthday. The tech-savvy fans took the social media as platform to wish their iconic hero. ‘Happy birthday pawankalyan’ banner circulates on Twitter nationwide. Everyone wishes him many more birthdays.

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