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      Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | Last Updated 1:35 pm IST

      ‘Biskett’ talk raises interest among distributors

      ‘Biskett’ talk raises interest among distributors
      Just like there is a market for the star hero films made with big budgets there is also an equally good market for the small and medium budget films. In fact, this is more because Tollywood is seeing a good increase in the number of films being made on that scale. So, distributors are constantly keeping an eye on censor board office. Recently another film has gone through the censor certification and it is ‘Biskett’. Reports say the film has got a U/A rating with zero cuts. Also, the inside talk which has come has raised the interest among distributors. It is heard that the film is total fun and light hearted entertainer which will appeal to masses and youth. Starring Arvind Krishna, Vennela Kishore in the lead along with Dimple Chopade, the film is directed by Anil Gopireddy while Raj and Sravanthi are the producers. Reports say the makers are looking at November end or December first half for the release. With distributors taking special interest, it looks like a possible hit is ready to arrive.
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