by: SNR  |  December 18 2013 15:00 [IST]
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Miracles may happen anytime to any one in life, when it comes to film industry this would be high and more especially in case of actress. The actresses who are struggling to pair with top heroes from long time may not get a chance to act along with top heroes or to work with top directors even though they acquired stardom in industry. It is an open secret that many top and sizzling beauties in Tollywood are waiting to make onscreen romance with Power Star Pawan Kalyan but they are not getting one chance only once to make their dream come true. Sizzling beauties like Anushka, Swathi, Priyamani, Kajal, etc who ruled the industry are still trying for a chance to share screen space with Power Star. But their luck is not co-operating them in this case. Interestingly some debut beauties like Sarah-Jane Dias, Nikeesha Patel, Neha Oberoi got a chance to act along with Power Star. It is known news to everyone that Pawan Kalyan is very keen and particular in selecting the female leads. He took extra care in selecting the female leads in his films. Currently Power Star is busy with the script works of high excepted “Gabbar Singh 2”, sequel of block buster “Gabbar Singh”, latest new we hear that sweltering beauty Rakul Preet Singh who scored a hit with “Venkatadri Express” will soon share the screen space with Pawan Kalyan in “Gabbar Singh 2”. If the grapevine is to be believed, Pawan himself suggested her name to the film makers and Rakul Preet Singh who became an overnight star with “Venkatadri Express” will be the luckiest girl if everything goes right. Let us wait few more days for official confirmation from film makers.

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