by: SNR  |  December 19 2013 22:00 [IST]
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Actress Swetha Basu Prasad who recently caught in prostitution case, red-handedly in sting operation lead by 6TV news channel finally opened before media. From past one week this news was circulating in media with the video clips show her discussion with channel authoriser who organised this sting operation. The entire industry was stunned and much news started circulating that she revealed two other heroines name in-front of Police. But, today she finally opened her voice against this news before popular English news paper, she gave her clarification through this interview. She said, “The controversy has failed to bring me down. It’s like a ghost that is not real and doesn't exist. That’s why I refrained from making any comments on the sting so far.” She also added, “I’m overwhelmed by people’s support. This only goes on to prove how aware the audience is today. They know who is what and what is important and what is not. People now question the things shown to them.” She asked the TV channel authority why they are not showing the show the politicians, high profile businessmen and even male actors involved. Why they focusing on the actress and junior artist especially woman. It is all to degrade the popularity of the actresses who are trying hard for success. But when finally reporter asked are you taking a legal action of the Channel, Overwhelmed Swetha escaped from the question!!!! Whether people supported her or not we don’t known but one thing it is clear that the heroines who are brain storming after news revealed that Swetha revealed some heroines name are happy with Swetha interview.

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