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      Mon, Jun 27, 2016 | Last Updated 6:27 pm IST

      Secret behind Pawan's 'Rey' speech

      Secret behind Pawan's 'Rey' speech
      When someone who don't speak much starts speaking then naturally everyone pays attention to him. Some cannot understand what they are speaking and it takes time to understand. Even Power Star Pawan Kalyan's speech yesterday at the Rey's audio launch created such confusion. Pawan spoke for quite sometime at the audio launch. He beat around the beat which led to confusion and now people started dissecting his speech and what he meant with his words. Pawan normally speaks in a straight forward manner. however yesterday he spoke something different. Speaking to Sai Dharam Tej, he spoke about families and said film industry doesn't belong to any one family and he hates the word family. He wished new people should come and shine in the industry. He even said he likes Nitin and just as he attended Nitin's functions he came to Sai Dharam Tej's Rey function. Now the question is does Sai Dharam Tej not related to his family. Is he considering a person outside of Mega Family? To the top of it Rey has a dialogue 'failures ki chote leni family ra maadi'. Some say Pawan spoke like this so that people will not target mega family on this dialogue while others say after Uday Kiran's suicide with many lashing out at mega family, he spoke in such confusing manner. Only Pawan can clear doubts.
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