by: SNR  |  February 22 2014 16:30 [IST]
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Mega Power Star Ram Charan is shooting for the eight film of his career. The untitled film is being directed by Creative director Krishna Vamsi. Currently a song shoot on Charan and Kajal is underway in Nagercoil.However two things are major causes of worry for Mega fans. First is the poor form of Krishna Vamsi and second is the 8th movie sentiment prevailing in Tollywood. Earlier, Power Star Pawan Kalyan with 'Johnny', Prince Mahesh Babu with 'Nijam', Young Tiger NTR with 'Andhrawala', Young Rebel Star Prabhas with 'Yogi' and Stylish Star Allu Arjun with 'Varudu' faced disaster results with their eight films. Interestingly, all of them have got success with their seventh films. Ram Charan is also in the similar lines. He just bagged a super hit with his 7th movie 'Yevadu', ram Charan is doing a family entertainer with Creative director Krishna Vamsi as the 8th venture of his career. Will Cherry too face the flop result like above heroes or breaks the sentiment by delivering a blockbuster? are the million dollar questions haunting Mega fans now. But answers only after the release of the movie.

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మానవత్వం లేని కేసీఆర్ ! అనంతపురంలో భారీ గొయ్యి.. సంచలనం ! ఇండియన్ ఆఫ్ ది ఇయర్ రేసులో దూసుకెళ్తున్న కేసీఆర్ ! ప్రజలు ఎదురు తిరిగే రోజులు : వైఎస్ జగన్ ఎమ్మెల్యేకి తప్పిన ప్రమాదం ! రేయ్ : రివ్యూ లేడీస్ & జెంటిల్ మెన్ : రివ్యూ 20 నిముషాలుకి 30 కోట్ల రూపాయలు డిమాండ్ ప్రియాంకకు మూడు నెలలో పాతిక కోట్లు ! జూ.ఎన్టీఆర్ అలా మాట్లాడకుండా ఉండాల్సింది?

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