by: SNR  |  February 24 2014 15:24 [IST]
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Mahesh Babu,Jindal Steel Factory,Bellary,Karnataka,Aagadu,Srinu Vaitla,Rayalaseema,Anantapur,Thaman,

Wonder what Mahesh Babu is doing at Jindal Steel Factory, Bellary, Karnataka? The actor is shaking his leg for a peppy number in his upcoming film,Aagadu. The song is the title song of the film. Srinu Vaitla is canning few montages for the song there. The schedule in Bellary will go for some 20 days and by the end of the schedule, the entire talkie part will be completed with songs being left. The schedule was earlier planned in Gujarat but Vaitla shifted it to Bellary due to reasons best known to him. Thaman reportedly had scored a superb album for the film which will be his 50th film as a music director. There are lot of expectations riding on the film as the actor and director duo earlier delivered a blockbuster like Dookudu. Mahesh Babu and his lady Tamannah will be seen as Police officers in the film and Mahesh will be speaking in Rayalaseema accent in the film in Anantapur backdrop.

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