One tune in Govindhudu Andari Vaadele takes more than 15 days?

April 21 2014 00:06
One tune in Govindhudu Andari Vaadele takes more than 15 days?
Krishna Vamsi is a hard task master. He had creative differences with music director Thaman and showed him the door from Ram Charan's Govindhudu Andari Vaadele. He roped in Yuvan Shankar Raja in Thaman's place. However the journey of Krishna Vamsi and Yuvan is also not smooth as well. They are struggling for more than 15 days for a tune. This is the theme music of the film and KV wants it to get perfect. "We are working for more than 15 days and we are not yet finished yet", says Krishna Vamsi. However the Creative director says he is ready to take the pain as he knows the importance. On the other side, Govindhudu Andari Vaadele will begin a mega schedule from next Monday. The schedule will go on for 40 days in a special set erected in Rama Naidu Cine Village. Almost all the major artists of the film will participate in this schedule. The entire talkie part will be completed in this schedule and the movie unit will later go to abroad for songs shoot.
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