by: Cheruku Raja  |  November 29 2012 13:03 [IST]
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Buying an Island is becoming like a status symbol for celebrities all around the world. This trend is very common in Hollywood actress and slowly this trend is spreading in India too.   Latest buzz is that Bollywood sexy beauty  Jacqueline Fernandez  has bought an island off the south coast of Sri Lanka. This island is close to where former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara has also bought a little island. As Jacqueline hails from Sri Lanka, it made her to get the island with official documentation work done correctly , said sources.  Jacqueline has failed to impress audiences with her earlier films , she gained little popularity with Murder 2 but couldn't use it properly. She has pinned all her hopes in her upcoming film Race 2 , where she is paired opposite John Abraham. This is only film which she has in her hand right now, let's wish this film be successful and help Jacqueline to stick few more years in Bollywood. 
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