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      Tue, Jul 26, 2016 | Last Updated 11:54 am IST

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      Nitin Turned As IBOY Now

      Nitin Turned As IBOY Now
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       One and only hero in Telugu film industry who hails from Telangana region today is Nitin  . He is a native of Nizamabad and has done his high school education at Ratna college,narayanguda. He has discontinued education after he got a chance to star as hero in direction of Teja. This Telangana hero has turned into IBOY now. Don’t get confused folks IBOY is nothing but become the of owner of an Iphone , he has bought ‘ Iphone 5 ’ and tweeted as   My 1st tweet from my iPhone....m an iboy now.. Nitin has struggled very hard to retain as hero in Tollywood after his initial films becoming box office hits and other films becoming super flops . He tasted success last year in the form of Ishq movie, which boosted his confidence. Right now four projects in hand, shooting of two films are in progress and two films were announced to the media. 
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