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Tue, Nov 21, 2017 | Last Updated 12:13 am IST

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Rajesh Dembla (Ex Founding Team Member, Justdial Limited) Takes Strategic Stake in Bengaluru Based, NumberNagar

Rajesh Dembla (Ex Founding Team Member, Justdial Limited) Takes Strategic Stake in Bengaluru Based, NumberNagar

BENGALURU, India, November 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

  Announces launch of Franchise Programs across India 

NumberNagar®, a premier Innovation in Experiential Learning (Maths, English and Sciences) Solution is offering franchise opportunities all over India. NumberNagar® is a specially designed experiential learning solution for children of ages 6 to 14 with the objective of making learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable. NumberNagar® plans to establish 25 Franchises in Bengaluru over the next few months and a network of 300+ Franchises all over India in the next three years.

     (Photo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/593697/NumberNagar.jpg )

Significance of innovation in school education: 

Children have an immense capacity of independent learning, fueled mainly by their insatiable curiosity. Their independent learning is intrinsically holistic and integrated in nature. As they grow and enter the formal education system, learning processes become more structured and at the same time more and more unidimensional.

While structure and guidance are essential in a formal set-up, prudence is required to preserve the fundamental purpose of learning and design methodologies that further the purpose. The National Curriculum Framework (2005) has set the following guiding principles

- connecting knowledge to life outside the school

- ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods

- enriching the curriculum to provide for overall development of children rather than remain textbook centric

- making examinations more flexible and integrated into classroom life

- nurturing an over-riding identity informed by caring concerns within the democratic polity of the country

On careful observation of the current scenario of school education in India, one can realise that there is still a long way to go to fully achieve these principles.

"Someone asked me in an interview, 'what is the one thing that the current Indian Government can do?' I said, 'if they solve the problem of education for children, they will never be forgotten in the Indian history'" 

  • Bharat Ratna Prof. C N R Rao 

(as said to Mr. Sriraghavan - Co-Founder NumberNagar®, in an interview) 

One significant step towards achieving holistic development of a learner is to actively put the learner at the centre of the learning process and delegate the teacher to guide and facilitate learning. Also, most learning environments involve groups of children with different abilities, skills, interests and learning styles. To address such diverse groups of learners, it is of paramount importance for teachers, instructors and school leaders to gain awareness of and actively implement differentiated instruction. It is also of great importance to understand that every child is a unique combination of Multiple Intelligences. Therefore, learning environments need to cater to children's' diversified intelligence matrices.

What does NumberNagar® offer? 

The NumberNagar® after-school programme offers holistic and integrated learning opportunities through a unique combination of creative learning space and differentiated facilitation methodology. This programme has been designed based on the principle of 5C™. The 5C™ learning cycle begins with Curiosity - where the urge to learn is kindled. This curiosity when followed by appropriate guidance through instruction, activities, understanding and application provides Clarity. Clarity across multiple concepts and subjects leads to Connectivity amongst concepts, topics and subjects. When all these are successfully accomplished, Communication of one's understanding effectively completes the learning cycle. When the above 4Cs are achieved continuously and consistently it leads to Competence. Although not necessarily sequential, these 5C's lay the foundation for learning.

In the words of Rajesh Dembla, "The NumberNagar® team is a perfect blend of talent, commitment and passion that attracted me in the first place. I was always interested in associating with an organization with a sustained focus to create serious impact in the field of education. NumberNagar® achieves this by providing a creative and exploratory learning space and personalized facilitation suited to individual learner needs. The non-restrictive space provides freedom of movement and exploration to children. The learning curriculum is mapped to what each student learns in their school, the enhancement is provided in the customised methodology backed by 5C™. Each learner is provided with customised session plans and assessment based on their primary intelligence, their current cognitive levels and their interest towards various subjects. Currently, these programmes run for Maths, English and Sciences. Hence, my belief is that this Franchise Program will be the next game changer in education."

While NumberNagar® believes in making the learning experience contextual and adaptive to learners' living experiences, it is at the same time sensitive to the ever-increasing social concern of 'to-give or not-to-give' conundrum parents face with respect to gadgets and screen time. The non-tech, hands-on, and tactile nature of the NumberNagar® experience has been a deliberate design decision, keeping Multiple Intelligences in mind, to open the horizon of children's experiences beyond the onslaught of digital media in every aspect of their lives.

This is what independent observers from across the world have to say about NumberNagar®:

"I continue to be impressed with these accomplishments at NumberNagar®.  Education is the only way forward for India." 

- Dr. Rudy Luck, Associate Professor, Michigan Tech, USA.

"I am pleased with the development of NumberNagar®. I always thought what you were doing is excellent." 

- Dr. Simon Gage, Director, Edinburgh International Science Festival, UK.

NumberNagar® after-school programme has been effectively running at NumberNagar® Franchise centre at Gubbalala, near Kanakapura Road in Bengaluru, for more than 2 years. Through this path-breaking learning programme, NumberNagar® has touched the lives of more than 100 families in the community and continues to provide relentless service to learners of various needs. The programme has created a strong inclusive community in the neighbourhood for appreciation of bespoke learning experiences. Students, siblings and families return year after year to immerse themselves in this unique learning experience.

Experience at NumberNagar®: 

This is what happy parents have to say about the programme:

"I could see ocean of difference in my son within a couple of months. Best part of NumberNagar sessions is that they are stimulating and interactive. Which increases creativity and curiosity in little minds. Unlike regular classes whose main focus will be just on academics. If a student is made to learn through his own creativity & curiosity, there will be no question of stress or fear. Students get the true joy of learning. If something is fun for kids, they will put their heart & soul in that. Same thing is happening with our son. He received very good annual review comments from his teachers at school after joining NumberNagar." - Suma D.S.

"My son used to find maths very difficult. After attending classes in NumberNagar he has started liking maths. Academically also, his performance has improved. Over all I am happy with the classes." - Sindhu Vinod 

"My 6-year-old daughter loves to spend time here. My daughter likes numbers and English. Why not pursue it as a hobby or interest? I think it's a great place to discover joy of math before exams make it a chore or to rediscover the joy! " - Chitra Puranik Kuve 

With steady increase in the number of happy customers, NumberNagar® is now looking forward to expand its footprint to 300 Franchises in India over the next three years. To start with, the team aims to set up 25 Franchise opportunities across Bengaluru in the next few months, and invites inspired individuals to take up the cause of Educational Entrepreneurship.

Individuals with a passion for education and a basic understanding of business are encouraged to consider this opportunity. It is also an ideal opportunity for women from different professional backgrounds like School Principals, Teachers, IT, Marketing, to venture into this arena, to fulfill their dream of becoming an edupreneur. To know more about the opportunity, please visit http://numbernagar.com/index.php/solutions/franchise-program

About NumberNagar®: 

NumberNagar® is an Innovation in Experiential learning (Maths, English and Sciences), for children of age 6 to 14. Objective is to make learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable.

NumberNagar® offers the following, based on proprietary 5C™ methodology, across curricula.

- Creative Learning Space (Connect learning to real Life)

- Unique Concept Kits (Clarity of concepts)

- Comprehensive Teacher Training (Fine-tune teacher's knowledge and skill sets)

- Customised Assessment (Validate Competence)

For its innovation, NumberNagar® has received Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from Government of India and is an IDA (India Didactics Association) award winner in 2015. NumberNagar® is established in India with 75+ school engagements.





Media Contact:
Ravi Shankar R
[email protected]
Co-Founder & CEO

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