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      Thu, Jun 30, 2016 | Last Updated 4:56 am IST

      Ananthapur TDP ‘Follow The Leader’

      Ananthapur TDP ‘Follow The Leader’
       The Telugu Desam Party may not be in the best of shapes as of now but there is one thing the party has a great credit record of and no other party matches it. This is with reference to the discipline in the party and the strict code of conduct the party members follow. Here is one more example.  Chandrababu Naidu the party supremo is busy with ‘Vastunna Mee Kosam’ Padayatra and this format is now adopted by the Anantapur TDP team. MLA of Raptadu Paritala Sunita has reportedly started her own Padayatra few days back. Varadapuram Suri, the constituency incharge for Dharmavaram also followed suit.  As part of that, Suri reportedly announced Rs 10000 each for 43 weaver families who lost their lives due to suicide. There is also reports that MLA Palle Raghunadha Reddy and even the MP Nimmala Kishtappa have been taking part in the Padayatra very extensively and visiting all homes in their constituencies.
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