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      Wed, Jun 29, 2016 | Last Updated 7:19 am IST

      Mystery survey goes in TDP favour

      Mystery survey goes in TDP favour
       The 2014 elections are fast approaching and many political parties are already in the arrangements to get a victory in that. As part of the process, it is natural for anyone to conduct surveys from time to time and understand the voter pulse. At a time when everyone feels YSR Congress is in the front, here is something else.  It is heard that recently a survey was undertaken by a mysterious source and the details of the survey was passed onto all the political parties. According to that, the 2014 elections will be won by the Telugu Desam Party. The survey gives TDP a good number of 124 seats.  The second place is taken by YSR Congress party with 79 seats and 42 seats are being given to the TRS party. Surprising point is, the Congress party will have to be happy with just 34 seats in their quota. It is not sure who has done this survey but the general talk is that this is a reliable source of data. If this works out then Chandrababu will be a happy man.
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