Nagam to take TDP MLA’s into BJP?

May 10 2013 21:24
Nagam to take TDP MLA’s into BJP?

Nagam Janardhan Reddy is al set to join BJP very soon as per the understanding he has reached with the BJP leadership and is expected to contest for Parliament from Mahabubnagar on BJP ticket. At the same time, there is more bad news for TDP with Nagam reportedly in talks with Jaipal Yadav and one more MLA of TDP from his home district.

If this is true, then TDP may lose a key MLA and an important leader in the district. Initially Nagam was expected to make comeback to TDP but this is not the case now. Forget about his entry, now TDP has to do its best to see that he doesn’t take away more MLA’s into BJP!

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