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Thu, Mar 30, 2017 | Last Updated 6:02 pm IST

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Indians more racist than Trump?

Indians more racist than Trump?
Indians more racist than Trump?
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Even before Donald Trump became US president,many especially Indians ran a hate campaign against him. They came in support of Hillary Clinton and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra,Manchu Lakshmi and others ran campaign against Trump. 

True that Trump made derogatory and sexist comments against women.In general in many foreign countries men make such comments on daily basis. When Trump promised America First policy they opposed him tooth and nail. Trump's belligerent ways resulted in increase in racist attacks against NRIs and other immigrants.

Indians more racist than Trump?

But one get a feeling that Indians are more racist than Trump. The so called Indian celebrities didnot raise their voice or protests when Indian politicians made such derogatory statements against women. 

People cannot forget how North Indians and South Indians have feelings of hatred. People insult each other with insulting words but those are not repeated in the media. Indians insult each other based on their language,religion,caste,sex,creed etc. 

One cannot forget how people from North East are insulted across the country. Maharashtrians attacked Biharis, Telanganites attacked Andhra people, Tamilians,Bengalis are known for their linguistic and regional fervor etc.  So before attacking Trump,Indians should introspect and analyse why they are forgetting to respect others.

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