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Thu, Mar 30, 2017 | Last Updated 4:10 pm IST

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Baahubali out to kill Telangana Kattappa?

Baahubali out to kill Telangana Kattappa?
Baahubali out to kill Telangana Kattappa?
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Rajamouli's magnum opus Baahubali created rage at the box office. Not only movie lovers,people from all walks of life started referring to Baahubali. 

Now people are wondering which Baahubali will come out and kill Telangana Kattappa. It is known that Telangana CM KCR crushed entire opposition. 

Baahubali out to kill Telangana Kattappa?

Opposition is angry and is comparing KCR with Kattappa. Now Congress leader,former Minister DK.Aruna speaking to scribes said KCR is Baahubali. 

She added that just like Kattappa backstabbed Baahubali, Telangana Kattappa KCR, backstabbed people. He said one among Congress leaders will turn Baahubali and will kill Kattappa. 

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