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Wed, Aug 23, 2017 | Last Updated 9:09 pm IST

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BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu

BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu
BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu
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Venkiah Naidu is selected as the NDA Vice Presidential candidate.Immediately after this announcement, Naidu turned to be very emotional.He told that the party BJP is like his mother and now he is leaving his mother.His mother was killed by a bull during his child hood from then he replaced the party BJP as his mother.Naidu has always been in the good books of Modi.

BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu

He was called and crowned as the messenger for the poor by Modi.Naidu’s career growth is a life changing story.He used all the opportunities that come across him in a right channelized way which make him reach this top.

BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu

Amit Shah personally hand picked Naidu as they wanted a neutralized person to handle Rajya Sabha.And Naidu is definitely a coin to send signals to send signals to the south of India.BJP now keenly focus on gripping in south India which all are well aware of it and Vekiah Naidu is the right coin.

BJP is my mother says Venkiah Naidu
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