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Sat, Nov 18, 2017 | Last Updated 10:05 am IST

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US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa

US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa
US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa
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Indian IT Employees who go to the USA with H1-B Visa might face the heat from now on as new rules have been imposed by the Trump Government. These new rules to obtain H1-B Visa and L1-B Visa has shocked and created panic among the IT employees in particular.

US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa

Trump's Government which analyzed the protocols in giving a permit for past 13 years has decided to bring some changes. Already Trump made some changes and that became a headache for those who apply for Visa freshly. But now due to the new laws, those who already have Visas also face a headache.

US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa

For those who had H-1B Visa, the renewal process was too easy. They do it through their company and it will be processed too soon. But from now on, even for renewal, the VISA process will be done as if like applying a new one. All the documents should be submitted and the particular person should visit US Citizenship and Immigration Services. 

US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa

This has shocked everyone as renewing a VISA is too easy, but getting a new one will take ages. So right now, things are getting hard. For those who attended and failed in VISA interviews, can know the pain and sufferings behind this.

US President Trump tighten the screws on H1-B Visa
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