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      Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | Last Updated 12:57 am IST

      T-decision sparks separate Rayalaseema movement

      T-decision sparks separate Rayalaseema movement

      The statements being made by several Rayalaseema leaders from yesterday evening after announcing Telangana reportedly shows that a separate statehood movement for Rayalaseema is in the offing.  Already there are reports that the key leaders in the Seema region have convened an important meeting. 

      With the exclusion of Telangana and AP no longer looking the same, now sources say that the leaders of Rayalaseema are in no mood to be with Andhra’s. They were always of the opinion that if AP remains the same, they will be a part of it but once the state is divided even they would need a special status.

      If the movement really picks up steam and becomes a law & order situation, then the worst fears of many will come true that once Telangana is given, it will definitely not stop here and will shake up modern India. What could have been avoided with a single decision is bringing more trouble to UPA, let’s see!

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