by: saraswathi nikhil  |  August 02 2013 11:00 [IST]
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Chiranjeevi was touted to be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh when he launched his PRP in 2008 and this created a wave of tsunami initially in the state. Later his miserable failure in making PRP an alternative force and its merger with Congress is history. 

Though he has been trying his best to cultivate an image of his own in front of congress leadership, his only achievements till date is that he has just a separate coterie of leaders who still lobby for him like Ganta, Vatti Vasanth Kumar and Ramachandraiah. 

With the elevation of fellow Kapu Botsa as PCC chief, he was reconciled to the fact that he may never become a CM. But sources now say that in case the new AP state is formed with Seemandhra regions, then with TDP being Kamma brand ambassador and Reddy’s railing behind Jagan, Congress will have to choose a Kapu CM and Chiru fits the bill perfectly!

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