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      Sat, Jun 25, 2016 | Last Updated 7:31 pm IST

      Golconda built with Seemandhras effort?

      Golconda built with Seemandhras effort?

      Whenever spoken about Seemandhras role in Hyderabad, it becomes customary for KCR and TRS to say that they had only come to Hyderabad in 1956 after AP was created. KCR also spoke in the past saying Chandana brothers and Bommana Brothers by Andhras didn’t imply development.

      KCR also said in the past Seemandhras had not lifted bricks for Charminar or Golconda but this was countered by Seemandhra leaders at Save Andhra Pradesh meeting in Vijayawada. They said that Seemandhra, Telangana and Andhra were united from 12th century till 1800 when Nizam gave away Seemandhra to the British India government.


      They also stated that when Golconda was built, Quli Qutub Shah ruled even Seemandhra and used the hefty taxes generated there to build Golconda fort and also reportedly mentioned how Kohinoor diamond was excavated from Krishna basin and taken to Hyderabad!
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