by: saraswathi nikhil  |  November 04 2013 23:58 [IST]
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Regular news viewers in Andhra Pradesh were in for a surprise today when news channels beamed visuals of Jagan Mohan Reddy in a neatly tucked formal shirts and trousers. He was almost looking like a white collar employee or boss. When it comes to politics, at a relatively younger age of 40 compared to his contemporaries, Jagan is full of youthful energy and also has a bright future ahead if he plays his cards wisely and if he works towards erasing his corruption record, if any. Looking at Jagan dressed in a formal attire, viewers belonging to even other parties were seen saying how smartly dressed he was and women were heard saying except for his complexion, he was almost as smart and dashing as Mahesh Babu. Well the future will decide whether he will be a smart ruler and also a smart hero!

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కేసీఆర్ స్కెచ్ లో చాలా లెక్కలే ఉన్నాయా..! ముఖంలో ముడుతలా నో టెన్షన్..! ఇలా చేయండి..!! పవన్ ఢిల్లీ వెళితే తప్పేంటి..?!! ఆ కోడ్ నెంబర్ తో ఫోనొస్తే తీయకండి.. యమ డేంజర్.. పవన్ కు సూటిగా తగిలిన సాక్షి దెబ్బ.. హరీష్ శంకర్ ని వెనక్కి పంపిన మహేష్ మంచు వారింట సందడి మొదలైంది..!! బంపర్ ఆఫర్ కొట్టేసిన అనుష్క ఫోటో ఫీచర్ : అబ్బో ఈ చిన్నోడేనా టెంపర్ చూపించింది..?!! మంచు మనోజ్, ప్రణతి నిశ్చితార్థం !

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